What We Do

When we started our business in the mid 1980’s, it became clear to us where our passion lies: business growth and problem solving. Nothing gives us greater pleasure than to be a part of a small to mid-sized company and help them achieve exceptional growth. We love the excitement, the notoriety and the satisfaction of being a contributing part of a business that grows quickly and dominates an industry.


We know a lot about the food industry and have worked extensively in every segment of the food industry from food manufacturing to distributors and restaurants. Our process, the way we approach marketing is to develop a plan that works from the consumer back through the distribution process. We think it through so that each step is an integral part of the selling solution. From the product’s attributes, its name and packaging qualities all the way through to cooking methods and consumer usage.


Food Manufacturing & Distribution

If you are a food manufacturing company or processor, we have experience with new product development, brand positioning, sales development, advertising, social media and marketing communications on every level of the sales and distribution level.

If you are a food distribution company, we have extensive experience with new product development, sales training, menu marketing programs, social media programs, restaurant marketing and relationship development.

Restaurant Brands

For restaurant brands, M+K Laux has been working with restaurants of nearly every size and capacity in every day-part as well as with a wide variety of brands and market sizes through our sister company, We start the marketing process with a scatter graph review and couple that with both primary and secondary research to determine the best direction for the menu and marketing that follows.



Design Engineering For Better Marketing Communications

Here's the deal: not everything you sell makes the same amount of financial contribution for your business. And it doesn't matter if you're a food manufacturer, a foodservice distributor or a restaurant operator, not everything you sell takes the same money to the bank. Which is why M+K Laux uses design-engineering techniques to position, highlight, mental anchor and strategically price everything in your advertising and sales literature to help you sell more of the things that grow your business more quickly. So when your sales people go on a call, you can be sure they are focused on the items you want to sell most. And because we have so much experience in sales and sales training, our marketing communications materials will help you increase the productivity of your sales force. But we can't help you if you don't call. In fact, that is the one thing we can't do for you. So make the call.

A Few Good Brands

We’re looking for a few good companies that share our passion for business growth and are looking for new ways to approach marketing that work. If you are among those who get excited at the prospect of completely disrupting a market, turning it upside-down and shaking the cobwebs out of it, then we would love to talk to you.

When you reach out to M+K Laux, you will engage a 30+ year marketing communications expert with an objective viewpoint and a very disciplined approach to focusing your business on the elements that make it different, special and better than any other business in your competitive field. And then we promote those elements in practical, measurable and results driven programs that are proven to help your business grow.

How To Contact Us
Most of our customers email us first, but others prefer the more immediate method of the telephone 800-216-3198. You can also text Mark directly at 920-420-2076. However you choose to contact M+K Laux, do it now while you’re thinking of it.




Blue Bunny Marketing Partner Of The Year Award

Blue Bunny Marketing Partner Of The Year Award