Parkway Tavern Menu - New Orleans

Parkway Tavern Menu - New Orleans

Geo. Brown Land & Cattle Co. - Louisa, KY

Geo. Brown Land & Cattle Co. - Louisa, KY

Maybe It's Not All About You.

Sometimes you have to think beyond your own growth to that of the people you service. Because if they grow, you grow. HotOperator is offering an exclusive partnership in your market to help grow the restaurant industry. The process we’re offering one distributor in your market puts focus on helping restaurants grow through menu development and marketing promotions proven to work. 

HotOperator has spent the past 30+ years perfecting our methods. The goal is to grow your market by more than 15 percent per year through building the restaurants’ business by that much or more. The simple idea is, if you offer your restaurant operators significant growth, your business will grow as well. Not to mention being offered new opportunities by restaurants operators who see what you're doing and want to be a part of it. 


It’s Not Just About The Food, Either.

Good food is the price of admission. Think of it this way: If three distributor sales representatives walk into a restaurant and say, “I have great number 10 cans of peas. Buy from me,” the restaurant operator is going to pressure you on price, or purchase from someone who has more to offer than good quality foods. 

To become the distributor they select and stay with requires offering your customers something that actually helps them grow their business. The HotOperator partnership offers you a toolkit specially designed to help restaurant operators grow, and in the process, helps you get and keep great customers. 

Why An Exclusive Partnership?

A partnership gives us (your company and ours) an opportunity to build a real point of difference with your customers, and an advantage in the business in your territory. At the moment, large, broadline distributors are using similar services to help themselves at the expense of the restaurant operators in your market. You can reverse this trend and gain significant advantages with the HotOperator process. 


It All Starts With The Menu. 

We’ve spent time in your area and can tell you firsthand that the menus in your area suck. In fact, with the exception of just a couple of menus, there is room for significant growth with menu engineering and design. We estimate that there is about 7 percent in income being left in the pockets of restaurant consumers in your area. This is money that could mean the difference between a restaurant going out of business and one that is healthy and able to pay its bills on time. 

Social Media.  

Much of what HotOperator works on is social media and content enhancement. One of the hardest things to do is post something on social media that will actually bring in new customers into your business. HotOperator has spent the last decade perfecting social content, and we have developed a better format, not only for helping restaurants, but also for helping foodservice distributorsattract customers. 

Brand Your Company.   

When you go to market, if you’re selling a lot of other people’s brands and neglecting your own, you run the risk of being overly price sensitive. There are key products that every foodservice distributor should own in a market so he or she can control his or her own future. These are items that should also be exclusive to the foodservice area, and only available to customers that buy from you. If we work together, HotOperator will help you build your own brand and introduce new branded items that will give your sales force a significant advantage in your market.  

Better Sales Tools, Better Sales Results.    

HotOperator and Mark Laux have spent the past three decades building a better solution to market-driven sales results. The partnership consists of better marketing tools, a branded approach to your product offering, and a focus on having the right restaurant marketing materials. But it doesn’t stop there. We also train your staff and customers how to use the marketing materials and how to build better relationships as a result.  

What’s Included?     

Here is a list of expertise that a HotOperator partnership offers and how these credentials benefit your business by helping your restaurant customers.

Menu Design & Engineering - A better menu offers higher profits and happy customers

Social Media - Connecting the dots from better post-creative to actual sales

Restaurant Exclusive Brands - Restaurants depend on offering consumers foods they can’t get at home

Classic Marketing - Direct mail that brings sales, billboards that say the right thing, and advice on making media choices

Server Training - Treating servers like sales people to get them selling beyond order-taking

Sales Consulting - Mark Laux, a 30+ year veteran in the food business, will work with you in your market

Marketing Direction - It’s like having a marketing vice president you can rely on without the big salary

Ready to talk to Mark? Fill out the form, make sure you add a best time to call and a phone number, and Mark will reach out to you. Spend a half an hour on the phone and see if M+K Laux and HotOperator are right for your business!

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