Meet Mark + Kelly Laux

Mark (the "M") and Kelly (the "K") in M+K Laux have been together a very long time (both being together and working together) and have real, hard-earned wisdom that they share with their clients every day. They have been knocked down, but have never been knocked out. And they wear their battle scars with great pride (hey, they’re scrappy like that).

Mostly, they work with companies and people they feel a connection with. People they can get along with (which is just about anyone). Brands they can get behind. And most importantly, they work with people and brands that bring some conscious responsibility to the larger world around them. And they don’t work with complete assholes. So if you’re a complete asshole (as apposed to an occasional asshole), click this link and move on

When M+K Laux takes on a relationship with you, they become immersed in your business and life, bringing together personal development with brand and business development. The process is simple: get your mind right, develop imagination, express thoughts and ideas, communicate your vision and execute with precision.

Having said it’s simple doesn’t make it easy. Well, they make it look easy, but believe me, it’s not; it’s damn hard.